Increased confidence and self-esteem

I immediately warmed to Funmi feeling totally comfortable in her presence, due to her genuine nature I did not feel like I was talking to a stranger. I always came away with a couple of realizations each session, through thought-provoking questions from Funmi that triggered 360 thinking in myself. This gave me the power of finding my own answers, which then helped increase my confidence and self-esteem. She also gave me tools for coping with difficult situations in a positive manner in order to feel empowered.

The planning tools she provided were extremely useful and helped me break down the intimidating task of starting to think about running my own business into manageable sections. At present, I feel like I have a clear path forward in terms of setting up all the foundations of my business before I start teaching again. Funmi introduced using an ‘Ideas Journal’ to me which I love! My mind was always racing with ideas and the journal has acted as a medium in which to remove these ideas from my mind thinking about them in a more systematic way or shelving them till a later date. One of my biggest takeaways has been organizing my thoughts and putting time management strategies in place.

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