Uncertain about tomorrow?

Going through a very difficult phase in your life?

No one seems to understand what you are going through?

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Are you at your wits end?

Does it fill like you are sinking into a bottomless hole with no help insight?

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Your Dream, Your Vision

A dream is an involuntary action that you do not have control over. A vision however, is your ability to project into the future, the power to see clearly. Would you like an extra peer of eyes so you can see the fourth dimension of your dreams? It is my aim to empower YOU to focus so that can touch what you see.


Have friends and family given up on you? Does it feel like you are just going around in circles?

Try Counselling.

It is a form of therapy that allows people to explore their issues by talking about their feelings and emotions in a confidential and reliable environment. It’s a talking therapy that respects your opinion but also helps you to deal with emotional issues from its root. Carl Rogers the father of person Centered approach once said, “Growth occurs when individuals confront problems, struggle to master them, and through that struggle develop new aspects of their skills, capacities, views about life.” As your counsellor, I aim to work with you to empower you to see things differently and ultimately come up with ways to solve or cope with the issue.

Create the buzz that is necessary to keep you motivated & focused

Coaching can HELP! 

It is a process or method through which an individual is helped to unlock potentials, achieve life goals, go through life’s challenges, develop or grow. In the words of Sir John Whitmore coaching is “unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.”

Benefits of Coaching

Increased level of personal awareness

Accountability for personal development

Set goals that are achievable

Get a wider perspective and see other possible ways of achieving your goals

Support from a non-judgmental to have a well-formed goal that is achievable.