I believe in you, your ability to grow despite your background, life experience, achievements or not. I believe that if you can just dare to dream… if you can see it then you can have it. However, according to John Maxwell “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

Personal performance coaching is about empowering you, stretching and growing you. As your coach I will work with you to identify and overcome your limiting beliefs, so you can grow, develop and maximise your potentials.

Personal & Life Coaching

Performance Coaching
Leadership development

Organizational Training

Get the support and help you need to build your confidence, face your fears and identify the right role for you.

Develop your strengths, unwrap and maximise your potentials, learn how to have a work-life balance.

Discover how to harness your ability to influence others. Have clarity of vision, develop communication skills and lead through influence


Benefits of Coaching

Increased level of personal awareness

Accountability for personal development

Set goals that are achievable

Get a wider perspective and see other possible ways of achieving your goals

Support from a non-judgmental to have a well-formed goal that is achievable.



Get help in knowing precisely what you want to achieve using tools like the Wheel of Life. Organise your ideas and setting priorities (where you are now)


Empower you to achieve your ideal future (where you want to be).



I will work with you on a step by step basis to help you develop a clear plan whilst at the same time maintaining focus and still be motivated using tools that are SMART, SWOT Analysis amidst others (Looking at obstacles, challenges, what is achievable now, set a pace and strategy). At this stage you will apply the 4D’s – do it, defer it, delegate or dump.


Putting your plans into to action. This seems an easy thing to do but it is not, that’s where I come in. With a time frame in mind you will be able to execute what you have planned.


As your coach I will provide a structured support system that will help you through your journey to success.