Thanks to Funmi

Funmi Oni is a dynamic life and career coach who is passionate about helping her clients find guidance and direction in achieving their goals and objectives. I was opportune to receive coaching services from Funmi in 2016 which has championed my career progression and steered me in the right choice of career. I am now an astute business and management professional with a Doctorate in Knowledge management, thanks to Funmi for the tips, encouragement and strategic guidance given to me in making my career aspirations a reality.

Dr Emmanuel

My Career Launched Because Of Funmi

I was coached by Funmi from November 2016 to April 2017. In that time she was able to bring me up to terms with effective planning and looking at specific goals so as to achieve my overall plan. I particularly remember how I started developing the draft of my first book as a result of one of the sessions.  Also, my motivational speaking career was launched in 2017 as a result of being coached by her. I highly recommend her coaching services.

Improved work life balance

Funmi’s coaching helped me add structure to my personal improvement, to set targets, understand challenges and hurdles to achieve those targets and plan accordingly.

I learnt how to add balance to my work, take time to relax so that I could achieve my goals. I was able to reflect on what was and wasn’t working so that I could optimize my time.

I have started to get results I wanted from Funmi’s coaching in terms of specific actions and milestones I have been working towards in relation to property.

I have gained enormously useful tools for analysing my own personal improvement efforts and add an extra layer of structure to ensure that I am getting the results I want.

Overall, I’m really happy with these results as I didn’t quite know what to expect.

Thank you Funmi!


Changed Limiting Beliefs

My experience with has her client has been a positive and empowering one. She has helped me specify what I wanted out of the coaching sessions, she always looks at things from a fresh perspective and drew my attention towards the benefits of achieving my goals. I was able to change beliefs that were limiting my activities, to come up with realistic actions which I was motivated to put into practice.

As a coach Funmi was intuitive and always open and supportive throughout the coaching process, I felt she listened to me, understood and challenged me in gentle and respectful manner. I have learnt a lot about myself, adjusting, accepting and applying are the most important accomplishments I got out of being coached.



Dedicated Coach

Funmi is a dedicated coach who wants to see her clients achieve great things. She has high standards and also has regard for a client’s overall development. I enjoyed learning alongside Funmi during our coach training and also during a goal-setting training session. I wish her all the best for the future. She will be a blessing to her clients.


Restoring Self-esteem

Funmi’s personable, open and patient counselling style provided me with a safe space to share my concerns, thoughts and wishes. Across a number of sessions her guidance led me to reconnect with my own source of inner wisdom, my magical instinct, which had taken a back-seat in my life. I learned how to value myself again and the significance of quiet time to really listen to my instinct where and with Funmi’s guidance, I found all the answers. My instinct has therefore become my guiding force and has made me feel more grounded. The whole process has created a light to my path and a foundation upon which to continue my journey. The lessons I have taken away from this process are invaluable for the rest of my life so there is no question in my mind that Funmi’s support has been like a guiding star.


Overcame procrastination!

 I was finding it daunting to progress my application to register as a CEng. I had a demanding work schedule and several other things I was involved in that took my time.

There was also the issue of procrastination when I had any free time to at least start the application (part of the requirements of the application is the provision of evidence of one’s technical experience against a set of requirements – This was the hardest part. I never kept a log of my experience over the years, so I lacked the motivation to sit down and put to paper details of my past technical experience). This continued for months, so I contacted Gaudium Coaching for help. Within 3 months of engagement, I was at a stage where I could submit my application for an initial review. I have now submitted the application, thanks to Gaudium. I highly recommend this service!

Godwin S

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