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Snapback is purposefully written to empower anyone who will like to boost their low self-esteem, low-confidence and build a resilient lifestyle. 

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In this easy to use the book, packed with practical tools and thought-provoking exercises at the end of each chapter, Funmi Oni an accredited Personal Performance Coach and therapist will guide you on a journey of self-discovery that will help you:

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About The Author

Funmi Oni

Certified Personal Performance Coach & Therapeutic Counsellor using the Carl Rogers Person- Cen- tered Model (BACP, The Coaching Academy, Gotman Trained).

I have been working and sup- porting individuals professionally since 2003 working within a wide range of areas from those who have experienced do- mestic violence to people suffering from depression. My strong desire is to work and assist people going through tough times and emotional issues.

If you’ve ever wanted a companion counsellor to help you navigate and build a resilient lifestyle that will result in a better quality of life, it’s now in your hands. Go snap yourself back from limiting beliefs and anything holding you back.

I qualified as a Person- Centered Counsellor in 2009 a method of counselling which I have found to be very effective in helping people deal with long term issues. I integrate other methods of counselling with my work, tailoring it suit individual needs. I also use the Gotman approach in my relationship work with couples.


Peoples are taking about this book take a look.

Funmi over the years has grown in confidence in who she is and the value she brings to people, families and organizations. As a mentee, I saw in her, a very caring and now very confident woman who has lived out what she shares in her book. ‘SnapBack’ will bless and change lives.

The book “SNAPBACK” is one of the best SELF HELP book I have read in a long while as an editor, the author is endowed with a strong creative and expressive writing style.

SNAPBACK exhibits a balanced and WELL-STRUCTURED SELF DISCOVERY MESSAGE that is filled with artistic candour and puts the author first in the exalted league of great African American self-help coaches and writers of the 21st century.

With a strong message against, self-hate, bullying, and need for a wide self-unrelenting belief in oneself, FUNMI, the AUTHOR of this amazing book has taken the lead in telling all who will open this book to believe in the power of their mind, as they struggle for survival along the challenges that comes with living AND SURVIVING EVERY STAGES OF LIFE CHALLENGES, A METICULOUS PERSONALITY AS IT RESONATES FROM HER VOICE IN THIS BOOK, who understand the biblical principle of loving your neighbour as you love yourself, FUNMI has continued to live HER life, positively, touching and influencing others TO BECOME BETTER VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES, I call her the QUEEN of positive influence.

A Great Rejoinder, well-articulated, apex artistic creativity, thanks for sharing.

The Author has created a very helpful and easy to read technique for developing confidence and self-esteem with this book. It has been inspiring to read her own account of experiences that have inspired her to help others break through these debilitating behaviours.

Funmi has drawn on her personal history and many years’ experience as a personal performance coach and counsellor to provide an excellent guide to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Simple exercises help navigate you through the process with the aim of improving resilience and happiness’

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